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Business Benefits


We offer a 5% standing discount special pricing to our verified business partners upon signup. Then depending on the quantity you print each year. The larger the quantity, the more you save!


As your business partner, we understand the importance of timely delivered prints. Hence, we will place your order higher in the print queue so they are ready for you as soon as possible.


If your business is located within the range of the tri-city of Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada (Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver), we provide discounted local delivery service. No more waiting around for Canada Post or risk loosing your important prints!

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    Partner With Us

    We provide special pricing and priority services/solutions for businesses looking for a reliable 3D print partner.

    To qualify as our Business Partners, you must be a verified business with at least a valid business website and business domain email.

    Feel free to reach out to us for more information using the Business Inquiry Form.

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    450 Marine Drive SW, Unit 608
    Vancouver, BC V5X 0C3

    +1 (604) 999-9615