Design Consulting

Have a napkin idea you want to turn into reality or have a design concept you would like to prototype and refine? We offer top-notch design and consulting services to help turn your ideas to life! With a combined experience of over ten (10) years in 3D printing, product design, and business, we are confident to help you conquer any project(s).

Computer Aided Design

We are experts in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs such as Solidworks, Fusion 360, Blender, and more! Whether simply replicating a physical part in CAD or having a design you want to create, we are here to make the magic happen!

With our expertise in 3D printing, we will also design the CAD parts with 3D printing in mind to print your concepts with increased strength, improved aesthetics, and optimized manufacturing processes.

Replication & Modification

If you have a part that you want to replicate to be 3D printed, you have found exemplary service! We can take an existing object and replicate it in CAD, then 3D print the part out for you.

Once the object has been replicated in CAD, should you wish to modify the part, we can also provide the service!

Tools & Processes

We have many tools and manufacturing processes under our belt for any project, and as our business grows, we constantly challenge ourselves to learn new skills and gain new tools to help serve you better. We are also in partnership with many similar local businesses to assist you in putting the best foot forward in your product design cycle.

1. Project submission and quote request

Use the below Start a Project form, or reach out to us directly, to send us a detailed description of your project and how you would like us to assist you. Please be sure to indicate your desired project completion date.

2. Project estimate and lead time

We will review your submissions and provide an estimated project cost and lead time within 24-48 hours. If your project requires a custom design, we will provide one quote for the design service and an estimate for the prototype print cost.

3. Deposit and invoicing

If the quote is good and the project is a go, that is great! We are excited to be of service!

We will ask for a 50% deposit within seven (7) days after the invoicing date before any work starts. You can send us the deposit via electronic fund transfer or wire transfer (proof of transfer required). If you are a registered business, we can accept a company cheque as well.

4. Design and prototype

After we have received the deposit, we will get to work right away and will keep you up to date on the latest development status. Once the initial draft of the design is complete, we will send you detailed renderings of the object.

Once you have approved the design(s), we will provide you with an accurate quote for printing the prototype. We will also ask for the remaining 50% of the design service fee and a 50% deposit for 3D printing within seven (7) days after the invoicing date before any printing will start. Our design service includes two (2) revision prints should there be any design changes required or minor error fixes.

5. Final printing and scheduling for a meetup or delivery

Once your design has been printed, we will send out the good news along with photos of the object. We will also ask for the remaining 50% of the 3D printing fee before we schedule with you a time to meet up or deliver your design. We have a total of two locations for meetups:

— Marine Gateway, Vancouver
— Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

Please let us know which location you would like to meet up with us.

We also provide mailing or local courier service as well. Please provide us with the desired mailing address and we will provide a quote from one of our mailing/courier partners.