FDM Printing

FDM printing is what 3D printing is all about! One of the most common forms of modern-day 3D printing, FDM printing is an additive manufacturing process where materials (filaments) are heated, extruded through a nozzle, and fused in a pattern to create a 3D object. FDM printing is fast, relatively affordable, and the best method for rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing.

— Best for prototyping
— Small batch manufacturing
— One-off Products

PLA Filament

  • Medium strength
  • Medium rigidity
  • Medium temperature resistance
  • Medium weather resistance
  • Best for prototyping
  • Most common material
  • Recyclable & biodegradable


PETG, ABS Filament

  • High strength
  • Very high rigidity
  • High temperature resistance
  • High weather resistance
  • Best for load-bearing prints
  • Good for outdoor prints
  • Good layer adhesion


TPU, TPE, TPC, PEBA Flexible Filament

  • High strength
  • Highly malleable
  • Medium temp resistance
  • Medium weather resistance
  • Soft and rubber-like material
  • Best for flexible parts
  • Comes in various hardness rating
  • Color choices may be limited due to filament availability.
  • Print lead time may be subjected to filament availability


Nylon, Wood & Other Specialty Filaments

  • For specialty materials, please contact us directly for the latest pricing
  • Color choices may be limited due to filament availability
  • Print lead time may be subjected to filament availability


We provide special pricing for large volume prints (< 50pc). The more you print, the more you save!
Please let us know how many units you are printing and see if you qualify for bulk pricing when you send us your inquiry.

Please also ask us about our FDM print smoothing service. Service fees may vary depending on model size.

1. File submission and quote request

Use the blow Quote Request form, or reach out to us directly, to send us the file you want to print. Please also include additional details such as the number of units to print (QTY), desired material(s), and a rough description of what the print will be used for (this would help us to make recommendations to optimize your print).

To avoid delays, please be sure to send us files in the following format(s):

.STL  |  .3MF

2. Print cost quote & lead time

Once we’ve received your request, we will review your submission and respond within 24 – 48 hours with a quote, estimated completion time, and/or additional questions.

3. Deposit and invoicing

If the quote is good and the project is a go, that is great! We are excited to be of service!

We will ask for a 50% deposit within seven (7) days after the invoicing date before any printing will start. You can send us the deposit via electronic fund transfer or wire transfer (proof of transfer required). If you are a registered business, we can accept a company cheque as well.

4. Scheduling a meetup or delivery

Once your print is complete, we will send out the good news and photos of the object. We will also ask for the remaining 50% of the invoice before we schedule with you a time to meet up or deliver your print. We have a total of two locations for meetups:

— Marine Gateway, Vancouver
— Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

Please let us know which location you would like to meet with us.

We also provide mailing or local courier service as well. Please provide us with the desired mailing address, and we will provide a quote from one of our mailing/courier partners.