Fully Insured

Our comprehensive Commercial General Liability Insurance protects us, keeping our technicians, your, and your printers safe and covered. At the same time, we work hard to keep your printers running at their best shapes.

Contracted Service

We provide scheduled full-service maintenance & repair to keep your printers running, so you can take your mind off them and focus on working.

This service is best suited for larger companies using printers as part of their design and production cycle.

On-Site Repairs

Have a down printer you are not sure what to do? Are your printers not performing like they used to and require calibrations? We provided ad-hoc on-site service directly to your facility so you can kick back and relax while we get your printer up and running!

Standard Service

We provided the same professional printer repair & maintenance services to home users and hobbyists. We can help you diagnose issues, upgrade your hardware, and calibrate your printer.

1. Submit a maintenance request

Use the below Maintenance Request form, or reach out to us directly, to send us more details about your printers and the type of service you are looking for.

2. Quote and lead time

We will review your submissions and provide an estimated cost and lead time within 24-48 hours. We will also reach out directly if we require any additional information.

Suppose you are inquiring about Contracted Service, amazing! We can discuss the frequency of visits and contract details with you directly.

If you are inquiring about our On-Site Ad-Hoc Repairs, let us get more information about how we can be of service. We will provide you with estimated total hours of work time and schedule a time to go in for the diagnostic session.

If you are a home user or hobbyist, then the Standard Service is for you! Please let us know what you would like to do, and we will provide you with a quote direction for the work.