Made for our Etsy

This takes a longgg time to print and we use 5 different colours (no paint). Therefore we are only make 10 of these for 2020. Included is 1 Black Stand.

Bring a little of your favourite video game to your Christmas this year with this awesome tree topper. This can also be used a night light with our stand. String your Christmas lights through the inside or LED light strip and you can illuminate it! (Doesn’t come with lights)

– 3D Designed and Modelled by Deci3D to be optimally printed for a cleaner outer shell.
– Hollow on the inside with a small base at the bottom to ensure it stands up.
– We made thinnest outer walls we could 3D model to help with illumination.
– Printed in 5 different colors. No painting.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions, please let us know.