About the Service

As modern 3D printers become increasingly accessible and affordable, more and more people — professionals and novices alike — become proud owners of 3D printers. With this increase, so has the demand for 3D printer maintenance and repair.

At Deci3D, we have every available tools and knowledge to help keep your printer(s) running at their best shapes, so you can take your energy away from up-keeping your printers back into building something awesome.

3D Printer Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair for Businesses

Proper periodic maintenance and cleaning of your 3D printer(s) is the key to getting high-quality prints and avoiding frustrating downtimes due to repairs. By letting Deci3D service your printer(s), we can help you avoid these issues and improve the longevity of your machines.

We offer both scheduled and on-call (ad hoc) services directly to your facility to save you time and hassles as well as remote troubleshooting sessions for smaller issues.

$150 for site visit. This includes 1hr of diagnosis and fixing if possible. If the fix is simple and obvious, we will quote a flat rate before work. Otherwise, it will be $90/hr after first hour to continue with diagnosis and testing to solve the issues. (Normally we find the issue and charge the flat-rate)

Our maintenance service is covered by comprehensive Commercial General Liability Insurance which keeps your machines covered in case of accidents and emergencies. Contact us for more information regarding our insurance policy.

3D Printer Firmware Upgrades

Modifying and upgrading is part of the fun in 3D printing, however, depending on which printer you own, the process can be complex or when errors occur. We will be able to help you troubleshoot and upgrade your firmware so you can skip the headache.

3D Printer Parts & Accessories Installation

Certain printers have capacities to add/change parts and accessories (i.e. BondTech, BL touch auto bed-level, extra support bracers, better cooling fans). We will be able to help you install and test the parts and accessories.

3D Printer Diagnostics & Repairs

Is the print quality of your printer degrading, or has your printer simply stopped working? Even if you take excellent care of your 3D printer(s), it is inevitable that parts may need some occasional repair and replacements. With years of experience in the 3D printing industry and many of hours repairing and servicing printers, we can help you identify what is wrong with your printer(s) and make the correct repairs.

3D Printer Nozzle Clog Fix

Did you know? Due to copper being a softer metal, when printing with more abrasive filaments such as wood, carbon fibre, or even glow-in-the-dark filaments, the nozzle can be damaged leading to printing error? If you are looking to print with the above filament types, we can help you swap out the existing copper nozzle on your print without damaging your hot-end assembly!

3D Printer Hot-end Replacement

If you are looking to print more often with extreme materials such as nylon or polycarbonate, we would recommend swapping your stock hot-end assembly to a full-metal version. A full-metal hot-end would allow you to print longer at higher temperatures without worrying potentially melting your internal PTFE tube.