Service &Payment

Project Deposit:

We (Deci3D) require a 50% non-refundable deposit (unless specifically agreed otherwise) of the quoted total for all custom designs and prints prior to the start of any work. We are currently only accepting deposits via online e-transfer. To transfer the deposit, please send the amount to

Final Payment (Account Remainder):

All final payment (account remainder) is due prior to any scheduling or delivery of the final product. Should you wish to pay the account remainder via cash, you must contact us (Deci3D). Please note that NO CHANGE will be provided for cash payments.

Invoices & Receipts:

Should you require an invoice and/or receipts for accounting purposes, please let us know and we will provide them via email.

SLA Print Process Fee:

For every SLA print order, we charge a $15 print process fee per build plate per print session. When you send in your files to be printed, we will determine if they will be able to or safely fit onto a single build plate. We will charge the $15 print process fee per session if your order requires multiple print sessions.